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Stamp Collecting News looks to provide up-to-the-minute news, articles and information pertaining to the philatelic and stamp collecting world.  Our goal is to keep collectors and  stamp lovers informed on a daily basis, free of charge, via the internet medium.  We are in the initial stages of website development and look to continue to build an ever growing web portal for stamp collecting enthusiasts. Please enjoy and come back often.

"Keeping Stamp Collectors Informed, Everyday."



   December 29, 2002   USPS Philatelic News

December 26, 2002   USPS Philatelic News
 Novelist, Folklorist And Anthropologist Featured On U.S. Postage Stamp [ PDF ] [ Text ]

Tuse. 12/17/02   USPS Philatelic News
 Chinese Lunar New Year Commemorated By U.S. Postal Service [ PDF ] [ Text ]

Mon. 12/16/02   USPS Philatelic News
 Civil Rights Giant And First Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall Honored On Black Heritage Stamp Series [ PDF ] [ Text ]

Wed. 12/11/02
USPS to go private? A new panel has been set up in Washington, DC, to recommend a long range plan for the USPS, which could result in a privatization plan in order to save the government money ( Washington Post ) . LINK

Tuse. 12/10/02
APS Profile Former AP editor Bill Welch gets profiled in his local newspaper in State College, PA. ( The Digital Collegian ) LINK

Sat. 11/30/02
1847's in the News The Washington Post covers the opening of the Smithsonian's exhibit of the 1847 issues in DC ( Washington Post ) . LINK

Mon. 11/25/02
A Stamp Stuck In Controversy
Its boosters allegedly stuffed electronic ballot boxes by the thousands. Its critics wrote Congress, urging its recall. And the White House pointedly backs it. Much ado, about a stamp. The piece of postage features a greeting for two major Islamic holidays rendered in gold Arabic calligraphy against an azure background. ( Philadelpia Inquirer )
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Sun. 11/24/02
Stamps Mark New "Lord Of The Rings" Release
The latest issue of stamps from New Zealand Post, featuring hobbits and orcs, will be released on December 4 to celebrate the second film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. ( Southland Times )
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Sun. 11/24/02
Philately: required course. A school in China has added stamp collecting to its list of required courses ( People's Daily ) . LINK

Fri. 11/15/02
Missionary Stamps Turn Clock Back To 1850
The U.S. Postal Service's commemorative sheet of four rare "Hawaiian Missionaries" stamps is loaded with local history. Printed in 1850 with a value of as little as 2 cents, the originals are worth millions of dollars today. ( Honalulu Advertiser )

Wed. 11/06/02
Postal rates steady until '06 A three billion dollar error in the Postal Service's favor will keep rates stable until 2006.
( LA Daily News )  LINK

Tuse. 11/05/02   Washington Post


Tuse. 10/29/02
Duck Story Keith Mueller painted the Connecticut duck stamp in 1996 and the Connecticut duck stamp print in 1999. His local paper carries an interesting story on his work ( Cinton Recorder ) . LINK

Sun. 10/23/02
Donated Stamp Collection reportedly worth thousands. Here's an interesting story from New Mexico about a stamp collection and what it may be worth ( Carlsbad Current-Argus ) . LINK

Fri. 10/21/02
Guelphex Canadian newspaper covers show with story about dealer, kids, and learning history on stamps (Gulph Mercury) . LINK

Fri. 10/21/02
Stanley Gibbons head tells investors that stamps have got equities licked  ( Independent ) . LINK

October 10, 2002   USPS Philatelic News
 2003 Commemorative Stamp Program Celebrates 'Year Of Firsts'

October 10, 2002   USPS Philatelic News
 Renaissance Art Featured On This Year's Christmas Stamp

Sat. 10/05/02
0hio 200 USPS unveiled the Ohio bicentennial issue that shows the state's rolling farmland in the Marietta area. The stap is slated for release in March 2003. ( Toledo Blade )  LINK

October 4, 2002   USPS Philatelic News
 Snowmen Will Be Featured On This Year's Holiday Stamps

Mon. 9/30/02
eBay worries about suit filed the MercExchange which claims eBay's auction method is based on its patents.( Hollywood Reporter )  LIN

Sun. 9/22/02
SIRPEX The fourth annual Southern Illinois Rural Postal Exhibition was held this weekend at the University Mall hosted by the Southern Illinois Stamp Club and chairman of SIRPEX, and the local daily ran a great story about stamp collecting. ( The Southern )  LINK

Sat. 9/21/02
Stamp Collecting in China is changing. ( Shanghai Daily ) LINK

September 20, 2002
Stamp Release #02-064
 Puppy And Kitten Star On Newest U.S. Postage Stamps

September 14, 2002
Stamp Release #02-063
 Four Accomplished Journalists Honored On U.S. Postage Stamps

Fri. 9/12/02
"Philately" and "thespians" under scrutiny. "Even though philately describes stamp collecting and thespians refers to actors, Zallow said the words 'just sound too much like something immoral.' " ( CNS News )  LINK


August 13, 2002
Stamp Release #02-050
 Night Friends Highlight National Stamp Collecting Month

August 12, 2002
Stamp Release #02-052
 Postage Stamp Celebrating Muslim Holiday To Be Re-Issued

Sat. 8/10/02   Pittsbugh Post-Gazett

Mon. 8/05/02   Ananova

Mon. 8/05/02   Fox News

July 23, 2002
Stamp Release #02-046
 'Love Is In The Mail' Starting August 16

July 23, 2002
Stamp Release #02-045
 Teddy Bears Stamps To Be Issued By The Postal Service

Fri. 7/19/02   Augusta Chronical

July 12, 2002
Stamp Release #02-044
 'Coverlet Eagle' Stamp Issued At Americover Show

July 9, 2002
Stamp Release #02-038
 Pop Art Icon Honored On United States Postage Stamp


6/04/02   Times On Line

Fri. 4/26/02   BBC News

Wed. 4/04/02   Scripps Howard News Service

Fri. 3/ 08/02

Stamp News Cleveland: the Buckeye State ??
Cincinnatti, Dayton, Akron, Columbus. Why does the USPS think Cleveland is the be-all and end-all of Ohio? » read the "Cincinnati Enquirer" story

Mon. 2/18/02
Beatle designs Isle of Man stamps. Paul McCartney designed a set of six stamps that will be released 1 July by the Isle of Man to help raise money for his anti-landmines charity. » read the "BBC" story

Tuse. 2/12/02
Columnist takes on theme stamps.
"The Postal Service will still sell you garden-variety stamps that show the American flag and the Statue of Liberty. But if you haven't asked for what's new and what's hot when you visit the stamp counter, you're missing out."
» read the "Washington Post" story

Mon. 2/04/02
Golden Jubilee stamps
Five decades of Queen Elizabeth on stamps are featured on the Royal Mail Golden Jubilee stamps issued on Accession Day.
» read the "" story

Mon. 1/28/02

Apelbaum hit with $20m scandal
Earl PL Apfelbaum, one of the world's biggest dealers, was indicted by the US Department of Justice for violating antitrust laws stemmign from bid rigging allegations with unnamed co-conspirators.
» read the "BBC" story