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Welcome Statue of Liberty


On this site new stamp collectors can get a free packet of United States Stamps.
To receive a free packet of stamps send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
The Midnight Soaker
PO Box 51
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
United States Of America
Note: International Collectors should send a self addressed envelope with no stamp attached. Just send an unused stamp from your country and I will trade you and put the 80 cents  US postage on your envelope.

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Please Note: I am aware that there are some out dated, broken or missing links on this site. I am going to try and get someone to help me edit and update these links in the near future. Most of the broken links are in the section pointing to places where collectors can get even more free stamps.
Also, the stamp collecting news site has moved from Tripod Hosting to MSN Groups. The new web address is
If you visit this site, as well as, the All Nations Stamp Club Site at MSN Groups you will find many new stamp collecting friends.
All Nations Stamp Club can be found at . There are about 1,200 members there who love to help new stamp collectors.
The Midnight Soaker

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2001 - 2008 STATISTICS


has donated over 1,380,000 Stamps

"The Midnight Soaker's" FREE UNITED STATES STAMPS Project" filled its 28,404th request for free stamps on April 25, 2008.

The site was started in May of 2001 and had over 184,500 visitors. We stopped keeping a website statistics, when our second hit counter, became a red box with an x inside, in late June of 2006.

A new counter will be added later this year.

Overall Statistics

Female requests - 11,124 Male requests - 12,420 Unsure - 4860
Child - 5,076 Teenager - 4,968 Adult - 10,982 Unsure -7,378
U.S. requests - 11,716 World.Wide. requests - 16,668

Problem requests - 732

(These requests are either have no return address or have a problem with finishing the request.)

Damaged Mail with unreadable return address: 104

There were 5,130 duplicate and triplicate requests not counted above that were filled. However, I can not promise that these requests will always be granted. 

Please understand that there are currently approximately 4,250 requests that are unfilled. So there is currently a delay of 10 to 18 weeks until your free stamps will arrive. I am a one man operation and try to fill 30 to 50 requests per night.

Occasionally, I have friends and associates help me get caught up with this project. Sometimes friends will take home 25 or 50 envelopes to help me get caught up.

Originally, the packets were 150 to 300 stamps each. Currently each packet has about 80 to 100 stamps each. I include basic stamp collecting information in each envelope. This way new collectors can learn about how to soak stamps off of envelope Paper, as well as, other stamp collecting tips such as where to find stamps for your new collection.

I have made some wonderful stamp collecting friends over the past 7 years. Many collectors have sent pictures (some very wild), letters, artwork, post cards, maps, coins, etc. that I will be making a scrap book soon.

Thank you for all of the pleasure that you have brought me.


"The Midnight Soaker"

Please note #2: Several web sites that list free offers have been including FREE USA STAMPS this is causing a flood of mail from persons just seeking free items. There is now a backlog of six to nine weeks on fulfilling your request for free stamps. I have gotten a couple of collectors to help me catch up on the backlog. Please be patient.
Perhaps we will add an easy quiz to help determin who is really a new collector and who is just looking for what can be sent for free. We have sent some emails to the web sites that list giveaways asking them to remove us from their listings and hopefully they will drop our site from lists that are not designed for new collectors.
If you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem, then please email me at
The Midnight Soaker